The New Generation of the 8 Speed Automatic Transmission

Emission regulations are intensifying. To achieve the necessary fuel consumption and CO2 savings in all passenger car classes, not only improved engines are required, but also more efficient transmissions, like the 2nd generation of the 8HP.

Massively Efficient


The further optimized, second generation of the 8HP 8-speed automatic transmission offers even more driving fun and reduces fuel consumption by another three percent. The optional start-stop function provides further fuel savings potential. It was possible to cut the already very low power losses of the 8HP even further with the 2nd generation. The focus here was mainly placed on a further reduction of drag torques and engine speed. This so-called “downspeeding” is a key factor when making conventional drivelines even more efficient.

The 8-speed automatic transmission does more than economize on fuel, it also delivers top performance. It enables comfortable and dynamic gear changes, thus supporting the driver. Brief response and shift times below the threshold of perception stress the 8HP’s sporty character. Double shift and direct multiple shift operations are therefore also possible. Thanks to a flexible modular concept, the 8-speed automatic transmission is equipped to meet all requirements: With one model range, it covers the broad torque range of 220 to 750 newton meters. The basic transmission can be modified depending on need and intended application: The result is one complete transmission generation with different configuration options ‒ from hybrid drives to all-wheel drive.

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