What is the Difference between a DMF and SMF?

The dual mass flywheel was designed to help smooth out the torque produced by petrol and diesel engines, by increasing the kinetic energy stored on the input shaft side of the gearbox and provide easier gear changes.

The dampening springs are usually in the clutch plate so when the clutch was replaced with the new clutch kit there was no need previously to be concerned. Now with the new dual mass design the dampening springs are in the flywheel.

Unfortunately for those who drive a vehicle with a DMF they are noted for their a high failure rates and are much more expensive to replace than a standard flywheel and clutch.

When we say more expensive, they are generally in the range of ‘double the cost’ of a standard flywheel replacement, making your clutch and flywheel replacement a much more expensive repair than it otherwise would be.

The images show the visible difference between the dual mass and single mass flywheel.


DMF – no springs are visible on the clutch plate (they are built into the flywheel)


SMF – you can see the springs built into the clutch plate. Also evident is the difference in the flywheel (to the left at the back)


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