Car Computer Diagnostic Service


Today’s vehicles are primarily computer controlled and utilize sophisticated technology to operate properly. The use of this technology plays a significant role in the diagnosis of your vehicle’s performance. When your vehicle is illuminating the “Check Engine” light or not running properly, oftentimes computer diagnostics are needed to determine what part is malfunctioning.

When a warning light is illuminated this means the on board computer system in your vehicle has detected a problem or service is needed for one or more of the many different systems it monitors and controls, such as your engine or transmission. Therefore, we recommend our Computer Diagnostic Service to provide you with an accurate assessment of your vehicle’s condition. Our Computer Diagnostics Service utilizes latest diagnostic equipment, which is connected to your vehicle to view any computer trouble codes.

Our trained technicians in 7th Gear utilize the same procedures the dealerships perform by retrieving this information directly from the vehicle’s data stream to accurately pinpoint your system’s failure or service needs. Once the data is retrieved from the trouble code our technicians can provide a service or repair recommendation to return your vehicle to its Road Ready condition.